Let’s Suppose…


The Love Story of the Ages…


Let’s suppose for just a moment that there is a God—a Supreme and Holy Spiritual Being who created the world, and everything and everyone in it.  And let’s suppose that this God wanted to make Himself known to the very beings that He had created–how do you think He would go about doing that? After all…

He is BIG and we are small;
He is SPIRIT and we are flesh;
He is INFINITE and we are finite;
He is ETERNAL and we are bound by time; and,
He is HOLY and we are not…

…so, it’s not as though we could arrange to meet at the corner café to get to know one another.

Let’s suppose that God found a way to overcome all of these limitations and bridge the communication gap between us. Let’s suppose that He decided to make Himself known to His Creation through something as simple as a Story—a story through which He could…

Answer people’s questions about their origins, purpose, and destiny;
Explain why the world is the way it is;
Be understood by anyone, living at any time and in any culture; and,
Reveal this unseen God and His ways to the people He had created.

Why a Story? Well, because people everywhere, of all ages, identify with a good story–it touches them at every level of their being. Stories can transcend every cultural barrier like nothing else because people are basically the same everywhere you go.  And stories are timeless because truth is timeless–it doesn’t change over generations or with life’s circumstances. And yet, how would one go about pulling this off? The challenges inherent in creating a Story that spans all time, transcends all of space, and is relevant to every inhabitant living on this planet are certainly beyond the scope of human capabilities.

While very true, the God of the impossible found a way to accomplish this very thing. He decided that the best way to tell us His Story was to incorporate time, space, the earth, and the people living on it into the Story itself. In other words, He chose to use the earth as His Stage, a select group of people as His Cast of Characters, time as the agent propelling the Story’s Plot forward, and space as the canvas upon which He could reveal the multiple levels of Truth that He wanted us to know.

That being decided, He proceeded to produce a captivating and compelling Story that, like so many others, is full of drama and passion, intrigue and conflict, betrayal and redemption, heroes and villains–even dragons and demons.  And yet, it is one that remains unique among all the others, not only because it is a living story that is still being written, but because it is the only Story that has the power to change the eternal destiny of anyone who reads it! It is this Story that God has made available to us in the Bible, and it is the One Big Story that He wants Everyone to know!

Has any of this supposition piqued your curiosity? So much so that you might want to learn more about God’s Big one-of-a-kind Story?  Then you have come to the right place!  For from here, we will be undertaking a journey through the matchless Story of the Bible, the one and only Story that will take us back to the place where everything originated–and that is the Heart of God!  

So, if you are ready, then let our One Big Story Adventure begin!


…where Everyone has a part to play!